Below you can find a temptative schedule with the high level topics that will be covered during the school.
This is NOT final and may still be subject to change.

M2L Schedule


The school will cover the following topics:

With speakers' approval, the lectures will be recorded and uploaded to our YouTube channel and posted on our website after the school.

Social Events

We are organising a welcome drink on the day before the school starts, to start socializing before the beginning of the school, and a social dinner toward the end of the school. More details will be announced on Slack.

Poster sessions: Attendees who wish to present a research poster are encouraged to indicate this in their application to the school. Accepted participants who expressed an interest in presenting a poster will be asked to provide a title and an abstract a few weeks before the school. Contextually, instructions on the poster format will also be provided. Dedicated spaces for posters will be provided at the venue.

Laboratories: Attendees will be split into smaller groups to attend the labs. The labs will consist of coding exercises, with a description of the task, some boilerplate code (data loading, preprocessing, etc, ...) already provided and some blanks to be filled in by the participants. 

Each group will be supervised by one or more tutors who will explain the exercises and will be there for the duration of the laboratory to answer questions and provide guidance to the participants. The participants will be encouraged to ask questions and interact with the tutors and among themselves to solve the tasks.

Sponsor booths: Sponsors will be at the venue to interact with the attendees, provide information on the applications of ML and AI at their company and discuss job opportunities with interested participants during coffee and lunch breaks. This is a unique opportunity to get to know them better and establish connections, so don't hold back!