Code of Conduct

This summer school is dedicated to the open exchange of ideas, freedom of thought, and respectful scientific debate.  This requires a community that recognizes and respects the basic dignity of every person. All participants – attendees, organizers, speakers, teaching assistants, sponsors, and volunteers – must follow this Code of Conduct before, during, and after the event, both in person and online.

Prohibited Behaviors

Expectations for Sponsors

Sponsors must also abide by this Code of Conduct.  Images, activities, and promotional materials must not be sexual, racially offensive, or otherwise discriminatory.  Sponsor staff (including volunteers) may not use sexualized clothing/uniforms/costumes or create a sexualized environment. This policy extends to organizations using the summer school name in their branding for activities at or around the event.

Enforcement and Reporting

The organizers are dedicated to maintaining a safe, productive environment for all.  We expect full cooperation from participants to achieve this goal. 

If you experience or witness any behavior violating this Code of Conduct, please contact us immediately at or speak directly to an organizer. We will investigate all reports promptly and transparently, taking appropriate action. This may include:

Retaliation against anyone reporting a violation of this Code of Conduct will not be tolerated. The organisers can take action against an offender even if no formal complaint has been made.

Remember: Even well-intentioned actions can cause harm.  If someone raises a concern about your behavior, stop the behavior immediately and consider consulting an organizer.

[This Code of Conduct is adapted from the NeurIPS Code of Conduct (]