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Airport Taxi

Taxis are available around the clock outside SKG Airport. The blue taxi vehicles offer safe and convenient transfer services to the door of your accommodation. The ride from Thessaloniki Airport to the city center takes about 30 minutes under normal traffic conditions.

Thessaloniki Airport Taxi Fares

Thessaloniki airport taxis have set prices for transfers from SKG Airport to Thessaloniki area. Thus, a taxi ride from the airport to Thessaloniki downtown costs 24€, regardless of the traffic levels and the traveling time.

However, during the night shift (00:00 am – 05:00 am), the taxi fares rise. Hence, the 30-minute transfer to the city center will cost you 32€. 

SKG Airport Taxi Rank

Thessaloniki airport taxis are to be found just outside the terminal building, at the Arrivals level. Although taxis are always available at Makedonia Airport, during peak hours, you may have to wait in line to get your taxi. 

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Airport Buses

The bus schedules are available at:

Thessaloniki airport buses are the only public transportation means serving Macedonia Airport. The airport buses connect SKG Airport to Thessaloniki city center and all the major transportation hubs. Depending on your final destination in Thessaloniki and on the time of day, you choose among 01X and 01N(ight).

Bus Route 01X directly connects the airport to Thessaloniki city center, the Central Railway Station, and the “Makedonia” Intercity Bus Station (KTEL). Buses run from 6:10 am to 10:40 pm, every 20-25 minutes, and reach the city center in approximately 40 minutes and their final stop (KTEL Station) in 50-55 minutes. 

Bus Line 01N has the same route with more intermediate stops. It runs only during the night, from 11:10 pm to 05:55 am. Thus, although the routes’ frequency is almost the same (every 30 minutes), the total journey to the city center lasts around 50 minutes and to Makedonia Coach Terminal (KTEL) 60 minutes.

For Metropolitan and Queen Olga hotel it should be 7 stops and the name is is: Λαογραφικό Μουσείο - Laografiko Mousio.

Bus Stop at Thessaloniki Airport

The bus stops for all the bus routes are easily located just outside the Departures and Arrivals level. So, just exit the terminal and you will find the bus stop on your right side.

Airport Bus Fares

The airport bus tickets (01X and 01N) cost 1.80€ for each adult passenger and 0.90€ for seniors, students, and children. On the other hand, the price of a one-way ticket for all the other bus lines (including Bus 79) is 090€ and 0.45€ respectively. There are also tickets valid for two bus trips within 70 minutes at 1.10€ and for three bus trips within 90 minutes at 1.30€. Children under 6 years of age travel for free at all times. 

You can buy your tickets from the vending machines onboard but you should keep in mind that vending machines don’t give change.

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Tips by a local

Thessaloniki – A City of History and Culture

Thessaloniki, often referred to as the "co-capital" of Greece, is a bustling metropolis situated in the country's northern region. The city boasts a rich history that spans over 2,300 years, leaving behind a wealth of archaeological sites, historic monuments, and architectural treasures. Thessaloniki's diverse culture is a result of the various civilizations that have called the city home, including the Romans, Byzantines, and Ottomans.

1.1 Aristotelous Square

Aristotelous Square is the heart of Thessaloniki. Surrounded by neoclassical buildings, it's the perfect spot to enjoy a coffee, people-watch, or attend one of the many festivals and events held throughout the year.


1.2 Kapani and Modiano market

Kapani market, nestled in the vibrant heart of Thessaloniki, is a bustling market steeped in rich history and tradition. This lively agora teems with activity, as locals and tourists alike peruse the colorful stalls overflowing with fresh produce, fragrant spices, and regional delicacies. Kapani's narrow, maze-like lanes, framed by eclectic architecture, invite exploration and discovery, while the warm, hospitable vendors proudly share the region's culinary and cultural heritage with visitors from all walks of life.

The renovated Modiano Market has become a vibrant hub for locals and tourists alike, showcasing a delightful mix of traditional Greek cuisine, and contemporary culture. Its revitalized architecture masterfully blends historic charm with modern design elements, transforming the market into a must-visit destination in the heart of the city.


1.3 Old Town (Ano Poli)

Strolling through Thessaloniki's picturesque old town, one can visit the historic Latomos Monastery home to the Holy Church of Hosios David, which boasts exquisite early Christian mosaics. A short walk away, the Holy Church of Saint Nicholas Orphanos showcases intricate Byzantine frescoes, while the Old Monastery of Vlatades offers a serene retreat with its peaceful courtyard. To complete your journey, stop at Tsinari Taverna, where you can indulge in delicious traditional Greek cuisine amidst the charming cobblestone streets.

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1.4 City port & Ladadika

Take a leisurely stroll through Thessaloniki's bustling City port and historic Ladadika district, where you can unwind with a sumptuous Freddo Cappuccino coffee (or drink) at Kitchen Bar. While there, soak in the captivating views of the harbor and the vibrant cityscape that surrounds you.

1.5 The Roman Forum

Discover Thessaloniki's ancient past at the Roman Forum. Explore the ruins, and don't miss the on-site museum, which houses artifacts and displays detailing the history of the site.

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1.6 Rotunda and Arch of Galerius

The Rotunda is an impressive Roman structure originally built as a mausoleum, later serving as a church and a mosque. The adjacent Arch of Galerius, an intricate triumphal arch, offers a glimpse into the city's rich past.

1.7 White Tower of Thessaloniki

The iconic White Tower is a symbol of the city, and its 15th-century architecture offers spectacular views of the waterfront. Don't miss the museum inside, which details Thessaloniki's rich history.

1.8 Byzantine & Archaeological museum

Discover the rich history of Thessaloniki at the Byzantine & Archaeological Museum, where you can immerse yourself in centuries of art and artifacts. After exploring the exhibits, enjoy a delicious lunch or dinner at "B restaurant" located within the Byzantine Museum, offering a contemporary dining experience amidst the ancient treasures.

Day Trips (or longer)

2.1 Halkidiki (MUST)

Just an hour's drive from Thessaloniki, the Halkidiki Peninsula offers stunning beaches, crystal-clear waters, and picturesque villages. Visit the three "legs" of the peninsula: Kassandra, Sithonia, and Athos, for a perfect combination of relaxation and exploration.

Sithonia, the enchanting middle peninsula of Halkidiki, is a MUST and offers a perfect day trip destination with its stunning beaches and crystal-clear waters. Bask in the sun at Karidi and Kavourotripes beaches, or indulge in the beautiful music and sunbeds of Manasu beach bar. For a unique experience, rent a small boat (e.g.) from Vourvourou (no license required) and explore the captivating blue lagoon of the Diaporos island, a hidden gem of the Aegean Sea.

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2.2 Vergina
Located about 75 km from Thessaloniki, Vergina is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the ancient capital of Macedon. Explore the Royal Tombs, including the tomb of Philip II, father of Alexander the Great, and marvel at the ancient artifacts in the on-site museum.


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2.3 Mount Olympus (the mount of Gods)

As Greece's highest peak and the legendary home of the ancient Greek gods, Mount Olympus is a must-visit. The mountain offers various hiking trails for all skill levels, and the nearby town of Litochoro provides a charming base for exploration.

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2.4 Meteora
A 3-hour drive from Thessaloniki, Meteora is a stunning UNESCO World Heritage Site (and an inspiration for Eyrie in Game of Thrones). The monasteries perched on towering rock formations offer an otherworldly experience. Take a guided tour to learn about the history and significance of these incredible structures.

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