Monday, 28th August 

ML for Physics: Simulating particle collisions, Ahmed Youssef

Learning Across Domains and Devices: Style-Driven Source-Free Domain Adaptation in Clustered Federated Learning, Eros Fanì

Guided Generative Models for Target-Specific Protein Design, Michaela Areti Zervou 

Reproducible figures for scientific publication, Thijs van der Plas

Active Visual Exploration Based on Attention-Map Entropy, Adam Pardyl

SinFusion: Training a Diffusion model on a single image or video, Yaniv Nikankin

RefriGenious: Digital Twin Framework for Smart Commercial Refrigeration, Thanasis Anagnostis

Generative AI for End-to-End Limit Order Book Modelling, Peer Nagy

SecretoGen: towards zero-shot prediction of signal peptides for efficient protein secretion, Felix Teufel

Tuesday, 29th August 

Examining the association of land cover with life satisfaction using deep learning, Sebastian Bahr

It's a Match - A Benchmark of Task Affinity Scores for Joint Learning, Raphael Azorin

A novel approach for Halimeda incrassata coverage estimation, Caterina Muntaner González 

Lost in Translation : Generating Adversarial Examples Robust to Round-Trip Translation, Neel Bhandari

Robots Learning from Videos - A Preliminary Survey, Robert McCarthy

Rethinking Visual Geo-localization for Large-Scale Applications, Gabriele Berton

Dataset Pruning Using Early Exit Networks, Alperen Görmez

Machine Learning Applications in Industrial Safety-Critical Systems, Sara El Mekkaoui

Relating Implicit Bias and Adversarial Attacks through Intrinsic Dimension, Lorenzo Basile

Wednesday, 30th August 

Using deep neural networks for short-term data-driven earthquake forecasting, Foteini Dervisi

Motion Aware Self-supervision for Generic Event Boundary Detection, Ayush K. Rai

Unifying Synergies between Self-supervised Learning and Dynamic Computation, Tarun Krishna

Private Aggregation in Wireless Federated Learning with Heterogeneous Clusters, Rawad Bitar

Federated Graph Neural Networks: Enhancing privacy in graph-based applications, Nikolaos Pavlidis and Eleni Briola

Graph Ordering Attention Networks, Michail Chatzianastasis

Multilingual Multifaceted Understanding of Online News in Terms of Genre, Framing, and Persuasion Techniques, Nikolaos Nikolaidis

Show me your NFT and I tell you how it will perform: Multimodal representation learning for NFT selling price prediction, Lucio La Cava

Finding Concepts in Social Science Publications, Tornike Tsereteli

Friday, 1st September 

Evidential Discrete Variational Autoencoders, Gülçin Baykal Can

How can motivation enhance the learning and cognition of a creative agent? A theoretical proposal, Yorgos Velissaridis

The expressive power of pooling in Graph Neural Networks, Veronica Lachi

Deep multi-sensorial data analysis for production monitoring in hard metal industry, Thanasis Kotsiopoulos

Machine Learning meets Temporal Logic: an integrated framework and its applications, Nicola Saccomanno and Andrea Brunello 

Hypernetworks build Implicit Neural Representations of Sounds, Filip Szatkowski

QUICKSETUP-AI: reusable template for clean and reproducible code, Isra Mekki

Learning Catchment Features With Autoencoders, Alberto Bassi

Empower Soft Robots: Towards the Interaction with Unstructured Environments via Reinforcement Learning, Carlo Alessi

Safe model-based iterative batch reinforcement learning, Amna Najib

Latent Space Aggregation, Donato Crisostomi

Multi-agent RL for Matching, Mayesha Tasnim

CR-VAE: Contrastive Regularization on Variational Autoencoders for Preventing Posterior Collapse, Fotios Lygerakis